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A final gathering of friends and family sharing their memories and paying tribute to your loved-one is an important step in the grieving process for many. We can help you to create a ceremony that allows you all to celebrate their life in a way that is appropriate and personal to you, and gives dignity and personality to your loved-one.

Memorial and Remembrance Services

On occasion, a loved-one may die in tragic and difficult circumstances, and no funeral can be held. Or you may have chosen to have a private or direct cremation followed by a service at a later time or date.

Having a Memorial or a Remembrance Service does allow for greater flexibility in terms of where you have the ceremony, the numbers who can attend and the length of the service. You may wish to have a section of the service where anyone who wants to can say a few words in tribute, or perhaps to offer refreshments followed by a slide-show of your loved-one’s favourite memories….

There are many different options that can become available to you when remembering your loved-one in this way, and at East Neuk Celebrants we can help you to decide on the most appropriate options for you.

Scattering of Ashes Service

Following a cremation, ashes can be interred or scattered and a service can be held to mark this occasion. The service can be held almost anywhere, although you may need permission depending on where you wish to inter or scatter the ashes.

There are many different ways to do this; some people choose to hold on to the ashes for a period of time before making any choices, others divide the ashes between family members to scatter at places that meant the most to their relative, while others have already made the decision as to where they would like their ashes to go and included it in their final wishes.

Whatever the situation, Cate and Sarah can create a ceremony for you to mark the occasion in a way that best remembers your loved-one.

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Our aim is to create a bespoke ceremony that fits you and your needs; we want to offer you the opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones, whatever the occasion in the way that is right for you.

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