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As independent celebrants, we can offer you the opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one and say your farewells in a way that is appropriate and personal to you. We will work closely with and your family to create and officiate a funeral ceremony that gives dignity and personality to your loved one and allows family and friends to grieve in a way that is right for them.


For many people, it is not until a loved-one dies that they realise they have very little knowledge about what options are available to them when saying farewell. In some cases, the wishes of the deceased have already been made and it is simply a case of carrying those out; for others, they find they have to start from the beginning, making all the decisions about this final ceremony in a very short and difficult period of time.

Most non-religious funeral ceremonies will be conducted at a crematorium or a burial ground (a cemetery or a woodland burial site) but they can in fact be conducted elsewhere too. As long as you have permission of the owner for a ceremony with the coffin present, you can have a funeral ceremony in your home or garden, at a hotel, a local pub or beauty spot.

There are other options too; a direct cremation followed by a Memorial or Remembrance Ceremony on another day, or a small funeral ceremony at a crematorium or burial site attended by a few close family and friends, again followed by a Memorial Ceremony for a wider circle of friends later.

Whatever choices you make, Cate and Sarah can offer you a bespoke funeral service that fits with your wishes and reflects the personality of the individual you are paying tribute to. It may be a ceremony that has no religious reference at all, or you may wish to include some prayers or hymns, or perhaps a philosophical creed that your loved-one particularly identified with. It is absolutely your choice, although if you are unsure we can provide you with suggestions about music and readings that may be appropriate.

During an initial meeting, we will discuss with you all your wishes for the ceremony, including the details of the eulogy, family tributes and readings, and then we will set about creating the ceremony for you in accordance with your wishes. As well as conducting it on the ceremony date, we will also provide you with a presentation copy of the ceremony script for you to keep.

Our aim is to make this difficult time for you as easy as we possibly can; we want to offer you the opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one and say your farewells in a way that is right for you.

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Our aim is to create a bespoke ceremony that fits you and your needs; we want to offer you the opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones, whatever the occasion in the way that is right for you.

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