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Ways to personalise your funeral – your funeral should be as unique as you!!

It comes as a great comfort to family members to be able to pay tribute to a loved one by personalising their funeral as much as possible. And really, there’s not much about a funeral that can’t be personalised, so why not? You might even be thinking of your own funeral, and what you’d like your family or friends to do for you.
Here are some of the more popular ways people choose to personalise theirs or their loved one’s funeral service.

Traditionally, black formal wear is prevalent at today’s funerals, but this doesn’t have to be the case. It may seem a simple idea, but asking people to wear something of meaning to you or your loved one is a really easy way to personalise a funeral at no cost. You could ask everyone to wear a particular colour, football shirts, or even just ask for no black to be worn.

With almost a quarter of people saying they would like an alternative hearse to take them to their funeral, it’s fast becoming one of the most popular ways to personalise a funeral. Horsedrawn hearses and bicycle hearses top the list of requested alternative options, but we’ve conducted funerals with landrover hearses, lorries and even milk floats! If you wanted something different from the traditional black but didn’t want anything too outside of the norm, there’s also the option of other colours, e.g. silver hearses.

Hymns or popular music? Or both, or none! It’s up to you – there’s no hard rule about what music must make up a funeral service. As long as the person conducting the service is happy to play the music in the setting you’ve chosen, the sky’s the limit.

It sometimes comes as a shock that coffins can be personalised, and it isn’t something that everyone wants. For some people, choosing a coffin that is environmentally friendly is the biggest determining factor, e.g. a cardboard or bamboo coffin. For others, the ability to have a coffin that reflects the personality of their loved one is just what they want. Picture coffins can display images of gardens, musical notes or flowers, or they can be personalised even more with photos from your loved one’s life printed on to them.

These are just a few ways that you personalise a funeral, but really, the possibilities are endless. Your Funeral Director will be able to help you create the funeral you would like, whether it’s for a loved one, or for your own tailor-made funeral plan.