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The Language of Flowers

Flowers have played an important role in our lives for hundreds, even thousands of years and continue to be the chosen method of expressing our emotions and sentiments to this day. Rarely does a special occasion or big event pass by in our lives without the inclusion of flowers of some sort, whether it’s a wedding, a funeral, a love affair, a birthday or just to say thank you to someone for a favour well received!

And flowers have all been imbued with particular meanings acquired over many years. In the UK, the Victorians became especially conversant in the language of flowers, embracing a new and exotic language from the East so enthusiastically that by the mid-nineteenth century special dictionaries became necessary. A whole language was developed based on how the flowers were delivered, which hand was used to present them and which was used to receive them. Using this source, a person could send a message of reproach, passion, friendship, quarrel or a myriad of other sentiments via a simple bouquet, without ever penning a single word!

However, it is the flowers themselves that convey the full meaning of the intended message, so we thought we’d take a closer look at some different flowers to give you a bit more insight into what your floral decorations are actually saying. We’re going to start this series of articles with the flowers depicted in our lovely logo – the hibiscus flower.

The hibiscus originated in Syria and is often referred to as the Syrian Rose. It is not known when it became more widespread in Europe but it is well known for its healing properties (protects the immune system) and its role in aromatherapy helping people to relax. It has also been widely used in the perfume industry as its perfume is a very heady and beautiful one. It can be found in a wide variety of colours and there have been many meanings attributed to it over time. Essentially though, it is the flower of true love in all its forms.

This is the flower that you give if you are in love and truly believe that the person you’re in love with is the one for you. Red hibiscus flowers symbolise passion and strong emotions as their colour is very intense. It is also the flower of sincerity and honesty, and if your emotions are sincere and you’re confident of them, then giving hibiscus flowers will demonstrate these emotions to your loved one.

In addition to sincerity, this flower can be a symbol of beauty, particularly so for women. Rose coloured hibiscus flowers particularly indicate beauty; not just of a transient external kind but the inexhaustible internal beauty of the heart. If someone has honest emotions and love, then their beauty remains eternally. Giving hibiscus flowers acknowledges that special beauty and indicates that the person has a very special place in your heart; flowers in this colour are usually given to the women you believe most possess honesty and inner beauty.

Hibiscus flowers are also symbolic of support, acknowledging the significance of your relationship together and its importance in your own life. It advises you to fight for your relationship and never give up on it. For this reason the hibiscus is particularly significant for those who are in long term relationships but have been separated from each other for a time, whether through life circumstances or by death.

Blue hibiscus flowers refer us to the freedom we should give to all our loved ones, and carry the memory of those who have been the most significant in our lives. They also remind us to continue nurturing the relationships we still have with family and friends – to spend time with them as life can be shorter than we think it’s going to be.

So there you have it – the beautiful Syrian Rose, or Hibiscus, that symbolises true and undying love. It really is the perfect flower to give to your special someone, whatever the occasion.

Photo by Philippe Donn from Pexels

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